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Fits Tandem non catcher

Fits all Tandem grass catcher models
O.E: T500930

Fits many late Southern Cross
O.E: -

Fits old Stiletto wheel
O.E: -

Fits Professional & others

Suits old Tandem, Miracle & others
O.E: -

Fits many Tandem, Professional & more

12.5mm OD
Length adjusts to suit any wheel

Fits 18" models incl Victa, Tandem & many more

Fits later models of Wolf & many others

Fits Mirage, Tandem & many others

Tandem Grass Catcher models
O.E: T500200

Tandem NON-Grass Catcher models
O.E: T500100

Tandem NON-Grass Catcher models
O.E: T500110

Tandem Grass Catcher models
O.E: T500210

Core Product Range


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Western Cape
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