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Air Filters for Kohler
Baby Care, Baby Skincare, Diapers and Wipes, Feeding Supplies, Safety and Health, kids clothing, kids transportation, kids bedding,
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Phone : +27 33 342 1246
Fax :      +27 33 394 7398

I.D. 139.7mm x O.D. 177.8mm x H 44.5mm
O/E: 47 083 01

I.D. 141.3mm x O.D. 177.8mm x H 61.9mm
O/E: 47 083 03

L 117.5mm x W 95.25mm x H 71.5mm
O/E: 12 083 05 / GY20574

L 117.5mm x W 95.25mm x H 85.7mm
O/E: 12 083 10 & more

L 193.7mm x W 136.5mm x H 35mm
O/E: 20 083 02 S & more

L 145mm x W 85mm x H 25mm
O/E: 17211 ZG9 M00

I.D. 117.5mm x O.D. 152.4mm x H 47.6mm
O/E: C2883 & more

Core Product Range


KwaZulu Natal
Mospare KZN, Tel:+27 (33) 3421246
Dinamark, Tel: +27 (11) 392 5066
Eastern Cape
Mospare EC, Tel +27 (41) 484 1743/53
Western Cape
Mospare WC, Tel +27 (21) 931 0280
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